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The three Trinity schools celebrated different versions of outdoor commencement ceremonies in June, capping off three months of distance learning.


This kind of personal visiting, going out to our neighbors and checking in, is something many of us can do.


Peter Putzier (Evansville) gives a tour of the current progress on Praise Harvest, an community garden maintained by the People of Praise in Evansville.


“This is a good neighborhood,” Ann says. “We lost the children and now they’re back.”


"The Word himself became enfleshed, and moved right in to live with us!" - John 1.14


David immediately had a clear sense that Christ was in Mark, suffering and weeping as he had in the Garden of Gethsemane. He shared this with Mark. Apparently stunned, Mark gasped and fell silent. He took a few minutes to rally himself, then responded with a firm, “I'm not going to despair.”