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David immediately had a clear sense that Christ was in Mark, suffering and weeping as he had in the Garden of Gethsemane. He shared this with Mark. Apparently stunned, Mark gasped and fell silent. He took a few minutes to rally himself, then responded with a firm, “I'm not going to despair.” 


Enjoy snapshots of daily life during this pandemic, from brothers and sisters around the community.


Franz looks into Fani’s eyes and asks her, “Do you understand?” Her answer isn’t yes, but it is vibrant in its power. “I love you. Whatever you do, whatever comes, I’m with you always.”


How does one capture the internal struggle to speak when confronted by the demand for conformity?


Mission’s mysterious fruitfulness does not consist in our intentions, in our methods, in our impulses and in our initiatives, but rests precisely in this vertigo: the vertigo we perceive when we hear Jesus’ words: “without me you can do nothing.”