Our Work


“Parents need to know that this is out there, ... that you can develop manners, and intelligence, and still be a teenager. People don’t believe that this is possible. But it is.”


On Sunday morning October 13th, residents of Shreveport woke up to see a front page news story about Praise Academy and the People of Praise's mission work in their city.


“We treat each other like family here,” he said. “It’s like one big community that’s all one big family. And the fact that some of us are actually family has made it a lot easier to explain what it is we’re doing.”


"See, darkness covers the earthand thick darkness is over the peoples,but the Lord rises upon youand his glory appears over you." -Isaiah 60:1-2


Like people involved in a centuries-long project of cathedral building, we can pour all our energy into building something magnificent for the Lord.


“Surely I know of no better place to walk, to think, to pray.”