It’s 2020, and the coronavirus pandemic still rages. So Servant Camp this year looks a little, no, a lot different. 


“Dustin, you look like you're still in a lot of pain. Would you mind if I prayed with you?” Dustin immediately raised his arm up to Dave and said, “That would be awesome!”


The three Trinity schools celebrated different versions of outdoor commencement ceremonies in June, capping off three months of distance learning.


"Ye fearful saints fresh courage take,     The clouds ye so much dread Are big with mercy, and shall break     In blessings on your head."


In the midst of the chaos, Connie’s son, Dewayne, a six-year-old Praise Academy student, re-entered the room. He walked towards his cousin, stretched out his hand and silently began to pray with her.


Servant Branch members distributed 40,000 pounds of food, along with masks, toiletries and games on a Saturday in late June.