She was the parish nurse for several years till her own health began to decline, but even then Georgine sought ways to serve those in need. She initiated our branch’s outreach with the Lamb Center—a ministry to the homeless in our area.


Other scientists knew him as Dr. Whitlow Au, Ph.D., the preeminent world expert in the echolocation of dolphins and whales, and 2016 recipient of the Acoustical Society of America’s Gold Medal. We knew him simply as Whit.


Today, we are sharing with you a playlist of summer songs to stir your heart with love. These are songs for ordinary life, for listening to while doing the dishes or driving, going to the beach or mowing the lawn.


In Shreveport’s Allendale neighborhood, there’s a mysterious woman driving around with an old tan minivan. She’s got a surprising knack for answering prayers.


Tom was involved in his church, committed to our community life, and quietly served others. He was always on hand when brothers moved a family or formed a work party.


It was such a blessing to pray with Deb for baptism in the Spirit and the gift of tongues. She wanted it all. She wanted to understand and to know what Jesus expected of her.