Action & Campus


The Action program of the People of Praise sends teams of high school students and adults to serve for a week or two every summer in Evansville and Indianapolis, IN, and in Shreveport, LA. Action members repair homes and run summer camps for neighborhood children. During the rest of the year they work to develop the practical skills they need to be effective on these summer trips and to raise funds to cover their travel expenses. You can support the Action Summer work with a donation.

There will be a community wide Action conference in South Bend from April 5-7 2018. You can register to attend the conference here.

These are the dates and locations for summer 2018 Action trips: 

  • Evansville 1: June 11-June 22
  • Evansville 2: June 25-July 6
  • Evansville 3: July 9-July 20
  • Indianapolis 1: June 11-June 22
  • Indianapolis 2: June 25-July 6
  • Indianapolis 3: July 9-July 20
  • Allendale 1: June 18-June 29
  • Allendale 2: July 2-July 13

Trip applications will be available in February. 


College Households

The People of Praise sponsors Christian households for college students near three campuses: Indiana University/Purdue University Indianapolis, the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities and George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.