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Indianapolis Action Morning Prayer
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June 21

Indianapolis Action Morning Prayer

The Action Summer in Indianapolis needed a large space to have morning prayer, so Justin and Cathy Walters opened their home for the whole summer!

New Homes in Evansville

Adding the second story - a flying house

The first of two modular homes arrived in Evansville on March 23.

Here's a time lapse video from Nick Holovaty of the whole process:

The first story being set in place by crane:

Susan and Orest Holovaty - the happy soon-to-be occupants

The roof is on!

The onlookers

For more on our new modular homes in Evansville, including an illustrated diagram of how the modules are assembled, see these stories:

Building a (Modular) House in Evansville

Second Modular House Arrives in Evansville

Construction in Evansville

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