February 16

Jon Balsbaugh Appointed Next President of Trinity Schools

Mr. Jon Balsbaugh (Servant Branch), the head of school at Trinity River Ridge and a 20-year veteran member of the faculty, will be the next president of Trinity Schools, Inc. He follows Dr. Kerry Koller (South Bend), who has filled the role of president since the founding of Trinity School in 1981 and will step down this summer.

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Pat Rath (South Bend) retired in December of 2016 after 42 years of work for two community enterprises, Charismatic Renewal Services (CRS) and the LaSalle Company.


One Saturday morning in Burnsville, Minnesota, Bruce Olson (Servant Branch) walked up his neighbor’s driveway with fellow branch members Norma Cahill and Pat Murphy.


This year, as I was reflecting on our covenant, I began to wonder if I have allowed my covenant life in the People of Praise to become a little bit like my car.