July 13

Praise Academy Update

Praise Academy at Lakeside's 13 students and their teachers wrapped up their second school year in late May.

On the last day of classes the teachers honored the students for the strides each had made, and the students beamed with pride. When the teachers finished, one of the second graders raised his hand and asked Joan Pingel, the principal, if he could share. He thanked her for teaching him to read better and helping him each day at school. Then, one by one, other children chimed in, thanking the teachers for things they had done. "It was a great note to end the year on," Joan said.

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We moved onto the corner of Linwood and Madison in Evansville on Good Friday, 2012. Right onto the toughest corner of one of the toughest neighborhoods in town.


Thirty-two men and boys, including 21 guests, attended the Kingston branch’s annual men and boys campout from May 5 to 7.


The South Bend branch’s soccer program began some 20 years ago when Rich and Beth Preuss noticed they were spending many hours transporting their children to and from soccer practices and games.